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Faculty Directory

ArceGonzalo Arce
Gonzalo Arce
312 Evans arce@udel.edu 1493
BarnerKenneth Barner
Kenneth Barner
141 Evans barner@udel.edu 6937
BohacekStephan Bohacek
Stephan Bohacek
306 Evans bohacek@udel.edu 4274
BonceletCharles Boncelet
Charles Boncelet
102 Evans boncelet@udel.edu 8008
CiminiLeonard Cimini
Leonard J. Cimini, Jr.
217A Evans cimini@udel.edu 4943
CottonChase Cotton
Chase Cotton
104 Evans ccotton@udel.edu 8517
FangHui Fang
Hui Fang
316 Evans hfang@udel.edu 7238
FarberDavid Farber
David Farber
149 Evans farber@udel.edu  
GaoGuang R. Gao
Guang R. Gao
201F Evans ggao.capsl@gmail.com 8218
Garcia-FriasJavier Garcia-Frias
Javier Garcia-Frias
307 Evans jgf@udel.edu 0751
GoossenKeith Goossen
Keith Goossen
107 Evans goossen@udel.edu 0590
GuTingyi Gu
Tingyi Gu
106 Evans tingyigu@udel.edu 3846
HaneyMichael Haney
Michael Haney
216 Evans haney@udel.edu 4299
Hunsperger **Robert Hunsperger
Robert Hunsperger
Ih **Charles Ih
Charles Ih
KiamilevFouad Kiamilev
Fouad Kiamilev
110 Evans kiamilev@udel.edu 8969
KolodzeyJames Kolodzey
James Kolodzey
203 Evans kolodzey@udel.edu 1164
LiXiaoming Li
Xiaoming Li
201D Evans xli@udel.edu 0334
Mills **David Mills
David Mills
MirotznikMark Mirotznik
Mark Mirotznik
106 Evans mirotzni@udel.edu 4241
Andrew Novocin
201G Evans andynovo@udel.edu 6534
Opila *Robert Opila
Robert Opila
306 DuPont opila@udel.edu 3128
PratherDennis Prather
Dennis Prather
108 Evans dprather@udel.edu 8170
SchuetzChristopher Schuetz
Christopher Schuetz
156 Evans cschuetz@udel.edu 3284
SinghAbhyudai Singh
Abhyudai Singh
315 Evans absingh@udel.edu 8447
WangHaining Wang
Haining Wang
312 DuPont hnw@udel.edu 6865
WeileDaniel Weile
Daniel Weile
214 Evans weile@udel.edu 8784
XiaXiang-Gen Xia
Xiang-Gen Xia
311 Evans xianggen@udel.edu 8038
YangChengmo Yang
Chengmo Yang
201C Evans chengmo@udel.edu 4997
Zeng   yzeng@udel.edu  
Zurakowski *Ryan Zurakowski
Ryan Zurakowski
DE Technology Park ryanz@udel.edu 0331

Mohsen BadieyMohsen Badiey
Mohsen Badiey
Earth, Ocean & Environment badiey@udel.edu 3687
John CavazosJohn Cavazos
John Cavazos
Computer & Information Sciences cavazos@udel.edu 6052
Matthew DotyMatthew Doty
Matthew Doty
Materials Science & Engineering doty@udel.edu 0208
Katherine DuncanKatherine Duncan
Katherine Duncan
APG CERDEC kduncan@ieee.org  
John EliasJohn Elias
John Elias
Apple elias@udel.edu  
Xiao FangXiao Fang
Xiao Fang
Lerner College of Business and Economics xfang@udel.edu 3290
Cathleen Geiger *Cathleen Geiger
Cathleen Geiger
Earth, Ocean & Environment cgeiger@udel.edu 802-296-7279
Steven Hegedus *Steven Hegedus
Steven Hegedus
Institute of Energy Conversion ssh@udel.edu 6253
Dirk Heider *Dirk Heider
Dirk Heider
Center for Composite Materials heider@udel.edu 8898
Guoquan HuangGuoquan Huang
Guoquan Huang
Mechanical Engineering ghuang@udel.edu 8796
Willett KemptonWillett Kempton
Willett Kempton
Earth, Ocean & Environment willett@udel.edu 0049
Janusz Murakowski *Janusz Murakowski
Janusz Murakowski
ECE Department jam@udel.edu 3189
Garrett Schneider *Garrett Schneider
Garrett Schneider
ECE Department gschneid@udel.edu 3284
Chien-Chung ShenChien-Chung Shen
Chien-Chung Shen
Computer & Information Sciences cshen@udel.edu 1951
Shouyuan Shi *Shouyuan Shi
Shouyuan Shi
ECE Department sshi@udel.edu 6693
Starnes Walker *Starnes Walker
Starnes Walker
Cyber Security Initiative starnes@udel.edu 1580
John XiaoJohn Xiao
John Xiao
Physics & Astronomy jqx@udel.edu 6547
Shridhar Yarlagadda *Shridhar Yarlagadda
Shridhar Yarlagadda
Center for Composite Materials yarlagad@udel.edu 4941
Jingyi YuJingyi Yu
Jingyi Yu
Computer & Information Sciences jingyiyu@udel.edu 0345

Swapan ChakrabartiSwapan Chakrabarti
Swapan Chakrabarti
Shoshana LoebShoshana Loeb
Shoshana Loeb
InterDigital sloeb@udel.edu
Kenneth LutzKenneth Lutz
Kenneth Lutz
AMR Strategies, LLC lutzk@udel.edu
Richard MartinRichard Martin
Richard Martin
Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc. rdmartin@udel.edu
Amitabh MishraDerek Morris
Amitabh Mishra
US Army, CERDEC amitabh@udel.edu
Derek MorrisDerek Morris
Derek Morris
US Army, CERDEC derek.morris3@verizon.net
Michael PiovosoMichael Piovoso
James Rand
James RandJames Rand
James Rand
Independent Consultant in Renewable Energy jimrand@udel.edu
Ryan Van AntwerpRyan Van Antwerp
Ryan Van Antwerp
Comcast rvanantwerp@gmail.com
David YoungDavid Young
David Young
Electric Power Distribution Systems & Electrical Accident Consultant dave@daveyoungengineering.com
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