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Amitabh Mishra

Adjunct Professor

About Amitabh Mishra

Prof. Mishra’s research is focused on computer-communication networks in three distinct areas. The performance and architectures of wireless networks (cellular, mobile ad hoc, sensor and dynamic spectrum access networks (DSA)) is the first area that involved  studying  the cross-layer design optimization of sensor networking protocols, media access control algorithms for cellular-ad hoc inter-working for DSA,  intrusion detection in mobile ad hoc networks, and mobile cloud computing as examples.  The second area deals with the performance analysis of networks using stochastic theory, numerical optimizations, algorithms, and simulations –“Multipath TCP – models and capacity bounds” is one example of ongoing research. Network security and computer forensics is the third area in which he investigates denial of service attacks in micro-grids, multi-cast authentication for critical infrastructures, and probabilistic/graph theoretic vulnerability assessments. Fault tolerant computing, reliability modeling of computer systems, data analytics, and software performance are also his research favorites.

Phone: 302-831-2405