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Bringing learning to life

The University of Delaware is one of the top universities in the nation for undergraduate research.

UD’s undergraduate research program provides students with opportunities to work on research and creative projects in collaboration with faculty. In more than 20 year, our excellence in undergraduate research has become a model for other universities. UD’s pioneering efforts in undergraduate education have been recognized both nationally and for achieving the highest standard of accomplishment in undergraduate research and discovery learning. Our undergraduate research programs have received accolades from numerous foundations and government organizations including:


  • The Carnegie Foundation’s Boyer Commission on undergraduate education at research universities recognized the University of Delaware as one of five national leaders in providing active learning experiences unavailable to undergraduates at most research universities.
  • The National Science Foundation has recognized UD as one of 10 institutions nationwide to exhibit ‘bold leadership’ and ‘meaningful results’ in the integration of research and education. 

Undergraduate electrical engineering students Samuel Matylewicz and Jenny DeFriece are working on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, a pioneering transportation technology developed at UD. Electric vehicles with V2G technology can charge or discharge their batteries back to the electric grid. 

Research apprenticeships with faculty mentors give talented, motivated University of Delaware undergraduates a chance to see and take part in what is happening on the front lines of discovery at UD today.

UD’s Undergraduate Research Program

The University of Delaware believes that exceptionally capable and well-motivated students should be given a chance, while they are still beginners, to see and have a part in what is happening at the frontiers of knowledge today. Toward that end, undergraduates work as assistants or junior members of their faculty research teams. Preparing to do their own research, they have the opportunity to share in a professional researcher’s work.

Vertically Integrated Projects

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Model for Experiential Learning creates long-term, large-scale projects that unite undergraduate education and faculty research, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship through multidisciplinary teams.

Summer Scholars Program

The Science and Engineering Scholars Program combines the resources of the University’s science and engineering colleges and research centers, the Undergraduate Research Program, and industrial and government sponsors to give the selected students in-depth research apprenticeships in all areas of science and engineering.

Mid-Atlantic Industrial Assessment Center

The Mid-Atlantic Industrial Assessment Center is a work-study program where students participate as paid UD employees in energy audits of local industrial and commercial facilities, assisting faculty in the assessment of energy use, and the identification, quantification, and technical write-up of energy savings recommendations. Students progress to audit leaders, earning certificates as well as potential independent study credits. Students learn industrial, HVAC, and lighting systems principles, particularly as pertains to energy efficiency, but generally as well. Students in the program are often recruited as interns or for careers in energy-related companies. UD students from all engineering majors are accepted in the program, although the MIAC is situated in ECE and can lead to undergraduate or graduate research opportunities there.