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Why ECE at UD?

Here’s what makes the electrical and computer engineering department at the University of Delaware unique:


Swati Singh

World-Class Faculty

Our faculty have been involved in the creation of the Internet, the fastest supercomputer in the world, and sensor technology in iPhones. They are on the cutting edge of imaging through walls with terahertz radiation, the discovery of new sources of hydrogen energy, the nanofabrication of next-generation solar cells, and computational systems biology for advances in medicine. This innovation has yielded accolades for our faculty, including 10 National Science Foundation CAREER awards, three Office of Naval Research Young investigator Awards, eight IEEE/OSA Fellows and two Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors.

Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Most research universities have enormous student bodies with 20 or more undergraduate students per faculty member. In UD ECE, we have only about 11 students per faculty, a number that is among the lowest nationwide.

Combine a low student-to-faculty ratio with world class faculty, and you get opportunities for undergraduate students to do groundbreaking research as early as their sophomore year. Many Delaware undergraduates publish papers in scholarly journals or attend conferences all over the country before receiving their Bachelor’s degree!

Location, Location, Location

The University of Delaware is located on a beautiful suburban campus within three hours driving distance of four major cities: Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. No other major engineering campus is similarly located.