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Keith Goossen



PhD | Princeton University

About Keith Goossen

Prof. Goossen’s professional experience spans telecommunications research at Bell Laboratories, co-founding a start-up company to commercialize parts of this research, and now academic research. His research encompasses a wide range of problems in physical electronics, particularly the integration of optical, electrical, and mechanical functionality in both devices and structures. He is best known for being the first to demonstrate integrated optics chips comprising VLSI electronics and LSI high-speed optoelectronic arrays that formed the core of terabit optical switching experiments. This integration was performed with micron-scale flip-chip bonding and is covered by 28 of Prof. Goossen’s 84 patents. At Aralight, Inc., the start-up co-founded by him, this work was expanded upon to produce the first and only demonstrated 36 channel, > 100 Gbit/sec fiber-optic module for short-range optical communication. Prof. Goossen is also an expert in MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems). He invented and demonstrated a micromechanical optical modulator that showed data modulation to 10 Mbit/second, the fastest micromechanical device ever produced in terms of data rate. A defining theme in Prof. Goossen’s research is his holistic design approach to new technology that incorporates cross-disciplinary areas of physical engineering. These areas include semiconductor device physics and engineering, optical science and optoelectronic device engineering, electronics, thermal design, metallurgy, and mechanics. Some of his current projects are:

  • Modulated reflectivity roofing, see “Active Modulated Reflectance Roofing System to Tailor Building Solar Loads for Increased HVAC Efficiency,” ASME 2014 8th International Conference on Energy Sustainability, with student Dan Wolfe.
  • Interchip optical interconnects using bond wire waveguides, see “Loss analysis for a two wire optical waveguide for chip-to-chip communication,” Optics Express vol. 21 (2013), with student Jon Dickason.
  • Large-format infrared LED array integration to display driver chips, see “512 x 512 Individually Addressable MWIR LED Arrays Based on Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattices,” IEEE J. Quantum Electron. Vol. 49 (2013), with student Jon Dickason.
  • Electric power line transient capture and analysis for load and fault determination, see “Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Based on Switching Voltage Transients and Wavelet Transforms,” FIIW2012, with former student Dr. Cesar Duarte.

Dr. Goossen is also the Director of the Mid-Atlantic Industrial Assessment Center which has both federal and state funding to train students in energy efficiency and to perform energy audits of nearby industrial and non-profit facilities.


2015 Department of Energy Industrial Assessment Center Program Excellence in Research Award

2013 Best Paper Award, IEEE Optical Interconnects Conference, “Loss analysis for a two wire optical waveguide for chip-to-chip communication”

2012 Department of Energy Industrial Assessment Center Program Center of Excellence Award

Senior Member, IEEE

Office: Evans 107
Phone: 302-831-0590