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John Elias


About John Elias

Prof. Elias joined UD’s electrical engineering faculty in 1990 and became full professor in 1998. His research focused on artificial neural networks (ANNs), silicon implementation of ANNs, genetic algorithms used for determining ANN architecture and connectivity, genetic algorithms for synthesizing VLSI analog circuits, and motor control based on biological model systems.

In 1995, Prof. Elias began developing multitouch user interfaces for portable and desktop computer systems, and later co-founded FingerWorks Inc. This was the first company to commercialize multitouch with a line of ten-finger touch pads and keyboards that seamlessly combine typing, pointing, scrolling, and editing gestures within the same surface area. In 2005 FingerWorks was acquired by Apple Inc., and since then Prof. Elias has been their multitouch hardware engineer and has contributed to the design of touch hardware for the iPhone and iPad.

Phone: 302-831-2405