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Shouyuan Shi


Secondary Appt.

About Shouyuan Shi

Prof. Shi’s primary interests focus on computational electromagnetics, photonics, RF devices and integration, and electro-optic systems for RF photonic applications. The ultimate goal of computational electromagnetics is the efficient and accurate numerical simulation of the electromagnetic interactions within complex devices and systems. Prof. Shi develops appropriate computational algorithms for the modeling and design of RF, photonic, and electro-optic (EO) devices that encompass diverse structural and material properties, ranging from passive to active, from dispersive to nondispersive, and from linear to nonlinear. In addition, he researches system level modeling of many heterogeneously integrated RF photonic systems that comprise various devices and subsystems, such as passive millimeter wave imaging systems, widely-tunable spectrally-pure RF sources that are based on photonic technologies, and optical addressed phased array systems.

In his RF research, particularly in the millimeter wave frequency region, Prof. Shi focuses on developing and integrating RF components and subsystems, including RF interconnects through wire and flip-chip bonding, filters, low noise amplifiers, transmission lines, transitions, ultra-broadband antennas and array antennas. He also investigates micro-optic, nano-photonic and electro-optic devices, and their integration. Photonic devices include diffractive optical elements, photonic crystals, metamaterials, plasmonic devices, and high-speed EO modulators that cover full millimeter wave band by using various EO material systems. Since photonic enabled technology will have substantial commercial and military applications, Prof. Shi is devoting extensive research efforts to device and subsystem development, as well as long haul technology applications that include broadband communications, mmW imaging systems, RF-photonics links, and phased-array radars.

Office: Evans 314
Phone: 302-831-6693