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Ujjwal K. Das

Associate Professor

Secondary Appt., Institute of Energy Conversion

About Ujjwal K. Das

Dr. Ujjwal Das works on solar photovoltaic devices based on broad range of materials system: wafer silicon, thin film amorphous silicon, polycrystalline cadmium telluride and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials. His expertise is in the thin film growth, defect passivation, surface and interface properties, characterization, device design, simulation and fabrication. He initiated work on Si heterojunction solar cell at the Institute of Energy Conversion in 2004. In 2007, he and his group have first proposed and demonstrated a new photovoltaic cell architecture, interdigitated back contact (IBC) Si heterojunction cell that is widely believed to be the ultimate high efficiency Si solar cell design. His group have also first reported a direct experimental evidence of effective Si surface defect passivation by sulfur. He has authored / co-authored more than 90 peer reviewed publications and one US patent.

Prior to joining the University of Delaware, Dr. Das has worked as an R&D Scientist at MVSystems Inc., a tool manufacturer in Colorado, with a joint Research Faculty appointment at the Colorado School of Mines. He was a postdoctoral research scientist at the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. He has achieved young investigator award from Japan Society of Applied Physics in 2000, young scientist award from International Union of Crystallography in 1998 and best student presentation award at the Indian National Solar Energy Convention in 1997.