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Steven Hegedus, Professor

Secondary Appt, Institute of Energy Conversion

Office: IEC 174

Phone: 302-831-6253



Research Interests

Over his 30+ years as a photovoltaic researcher at IEC, Prof. Hegedus has worked on all of the commercially active solar cell technologies – a-Si, CdTe, Cu(InGa)Se2 (CIGS), organic, and c-Si – but his particular focus is on those made from a-Si and related materials. His areas of active research have included optical enhancement, a-SiGe alloys, textured TCOs, thin film device analysis and characterization, a-Si/c-Si heterojunctions, and stability of CdTe and CIGS thin film devices under accelerated degradation conditions. Prof. Hegedus is currently principal investigator on a DOE program to develop laser processing of interdigitated all back contact (IBC) solar cells on thin Si wafers using a-Si/c-Si heterojunction emitters. He manages the Device Characterization facilities at IEC. Prof. Hegedus has authored over 100 papers in the field of solar cell device analysis, processing, reliability and measurements. He co-edited the 1st and 2nd editions of the "Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering" (Wiley 2003, 2011), and he is a co-editor of the journal "Progress in Photovoltaics". Also, he recently completed an on-line class on Grid Connected PV Design and Installation.

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