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Leonard J. Cimini, Jr. Professor

Research Interests

Leonard Cimini

Office: Evans 217A

Phone: 302-831-4943



Prof. Cimini's research interests focus on wireless communication, in particular the use of multiple antennas and multiple carriers to enhance the performance of multiuser wireless applications. The many innovations in wireless systems over the past ten years, such as OFDM, MIMO, and multiuser detection, have led to tremendous gains in performance, and to the promise of even more significant advances. For most of these techniques, maximum benefit is achieved only when information on the environment is complete and correct. Depending on the application scenario, this required information might include the characteristics of the radio channel (including interference), the structure of the network, and the global connection tables used for routing. However, in many practical situations, this information is either not available or not reliable. Thus, Prof. Cimini evaluates the effects of incomplete information on the performance and develops algorithms that work well in the presence of these uncertainties. He has developed and quantified both ad hoc and statistically robust algorithms. Prof. Cimini’s current work focuses on the MAC and network layers of the protocol stack, especially on adaptive resource allocation, OFDMA, cooperative and opportunistic networks, and physical-layer-based routing.

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