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Graduate Studies Concentration in
Materials and Devices​

Students in the Materials & Devices (MD) concentration focus on research and coursework in solid-state physics, semiconductor growth, device fabrication, and electro-magnetic measurement & characterization. The MD concentration is available to students in the MSECE and Ph.D. degree programs. Students in the MD concentration must complete the following:

Course Requirements

Required Courses

ELEG 622 – Electronic Materials Processing 3 Credits
ELEG 646 – Nanoelectronic Device Principles 3 Credits
ELEG 661 – Materials and Devices Seminar (each semester) 0 Credits

A minimum of two courses from the following:

CPEG 624 – Analog Integrated Circuit Design 4 Credits
ELEG 628 – Solar Energy Technology and Application 3 Credits
ELEG 640 – Opto-Electronics 3 Credits
ELEG 647 – Optical Properties of Solids 3 Credits
ELEG 648 – Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics 3 Credits
ELEG 650 – Semiconductor Device Design and Fabrication 3 Credits

General Requirements

Students must also complete the general degree requirements as detailed in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Policy and University Catalog. These requirements include credit requirements and, for Ph.D. and thesis option MSECE students, the carrying out of research and completion of a dissertation/thesis.