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The ECE Department offers two Foundation Courses in each concentration area within the Department. Foundation Courses cover material considered to be fundamental in each area. The courses also cover the material represented on the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination. The current Foundation Courses by concentration area are:

Computer Systems

CPEG 621: Compiler Design
CPEG/ELEG 652: Principles of Parallel Computer Architectures


Network Science

CPEG/ELEG 651: Computer Networks II
CPEG 657: Search and Data Mining


Communications Engineering

ELEG 630: Information Theory
ELEG 635: Digital Communication


Signal Processing

ELEG 631: Digital Signal Processing
ELEG 636: Statistical Signal Processing OR ELEG 815: Analytics I – Statistical Learning



ELEG 622: Electronic Materials Processing
ELEG 646: Nanoelectronic Device Principles


Electromagnetics & Photonics

ELEG 682: Optics & Photonics
ELEG 648: Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics


Biomedical Engineering

ELEG 671: Mathematical Physiology
ELEG 679: Introduction to Medical Imaging Systems
ELEG 604: Imaging and Deep Learning can be substituted for ELEG 679



CPEG694 System Hardening and Protection
CPEG672 Applied Cryptography

Integrated Circuit Design

CPEG 660 Introduction to VLSI Design
CPEG 624 Analog Integrated Circuit Design