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The Nanofabrication Facility at The University of Delaware

An Investment for Excellence in Microsystems and Nanotechnology

the Nanofabrication Facility

Housed in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, the 8,500 square feet state-of-the-art class 10/100/1000 and 10000 clean rooms represent a $20 Million investment. This world-class facility is fueling innovation in semiconductor device and circuit fabrication, microsystems and MEMs technology, nanophotonics, and nanobiotechnology.

Undertaking the Nation’s Needs

Our researchers have the tools to address some of society’s most important challenges, including:

National Security

New Millimeter and Terahertz imaging sensors.


Higher efficiency solar cell and novel nano-structured photovoltaic materials will contribute to the world’s needs for renewable and clean energy sources.

Human Health

Biomedical integrated sensors and devices will revolutionize diagnostics and care of many diseases.

Information Technology

Microsystems integrated technology must keep up with the rapid growth of information sources.


Our facility support hands-on educational opportunities to our engineering undergraduate and graduate students interested in nanotechnology. We support a number of outreach programs to attract 6-12th graders to follow careers in science and engineering.

Cost Center Open to All the University and High-Tech Industry Read More

UD’s Nanonfabrication facility is open to all faculty on and off campus serving numerous departments across colleges. Our facility has supported more than 10 companies and 8 universities across the nation. We are committed to providing competitive user fees.

Equipment Highlights Read More

State-of-the-art capabilities for Deposition/Growth (MBE, CVD), Photolithography (Ebeam, UV, DUV), Etching (ICP, RIE), and Packaging.

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