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Xiang-Gen Xia, Charles Black Evans Professor

Xiang-Gen Xia

Office: Evans 311

Phone: 302-831-8038

Fax: 302-831-4316



Prof. Xia's current research interests include MIMO and OFDM communications systems, and radar imaging of moving targets. For MIMO and OFDM systems, his research mainly focuses on space-time, space-frequency, space-time-frequency code and modulation designs and their efficient decoding/demodulation. He is also interested in space-time and space-frequency code designs for cooperative communications to achieve full cooperative diversity in asynchronous scenario. For radar imaging, Prof. Xia's research is mainly focused on SAR and ISAR imaging of moving and maneuvering targets by using time-frequency analysis, and robust and generalized Chinese remainder theorem, and on OFDM SAR and ISAR imaging.

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