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Paul Parsons

Affiliated Professor


PhD | Materials Science and Engineering, University of Delaware

About Paul Parsons

Dr. Parsons’ research interests involve the development and processing of functional materials, the interactions between waves and matter, and the application of additive manufacturing (AM) methods towards novel electronic and communications devices. His portfolio includes work on composite materials feedstocks (such as printable filaments, pastes, and inks) to enhance dielectric, magnetic, or electrical conductivity properties, geometrically complex ceramics for extreme environments, and phase-changing materials. He graduated from the University of Delaware (UD) in 2020 with a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, and currently serves as the Chief Executive and Chief Science Officer for DeLUX Advanced Manufacturing. DeLUX is a research and development startup that specializes in next generation electronics applications by leveraging AM technologies, and actively collaborates with UD’s College of Engineering. Prior to his graduate work at UD, Parsons conducted materials research in magnetodielectrics for radio frequency applications at the United States Army Research Lab in the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD.