The Order of the Engineer ceremony was established to promote high standards of ethics among engineers. This event provides an opportunity for engineers to publicly accept the noble charge to consider honesty and integrity, always, as you endeavor to contribute technically to the welfare of society.

Held in the historic Mitchell Hall on February 22, 2022, the annual Order of the Engineer event included representatives from six departments in the College of Engineering and inducted over 100 undergraduate and graduate students. Students receive a stainless steel ring that is traditionally worn on the “working hand” as a sign of their commitment to the profession.

The inductees recite the following as part of the induction ceremony, “I am an Engineer. In my profession I take deep pride. To it I owe solemn obligations. As an Engineer, I pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect; and to uphold devotion to the standards and the dignity of my profession, conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity by making the best use of the Earth’s precious wealth. As an Engineer, I shall participate in none but honest enterprises. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. In the performance of duty and in fidelity to my profession, I shall give my utmost.”