Gonzalo Arce and Jamie Phillips of the College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering were named as members of the 2024 Fellows Class of Optica (formerly the Optical Society of America).This year’s class includes 129 fellows from 26 countries who were selected based on their outstanding contributions in advancing optics and photonics research, business, education and engineering as well as for their service contributions to Optica. Arce, Charles Black Evans Professor and JPMorgan-Chase Senior Faculty Fellow, was recognized by Optica “for pioneering contributions in the area of coded aperture computational imaging.” As an expert in computational imaging, graph signal processing and machine learning, his interdisciplinary research contributions have been applied to a number of domains including biomedicine, lithography and earth science. Phillips, professor and department chair, was recognized by Optica “for pioneering contributions to optoelectronic materials and devices for infrared detectors and photovoltaics.” His research program is focused on devices for advanced infrared detection, photovoltaics, energy harvesting and biomedical sensors, with the goal of addressing challenges in the fields of energy, security, health and sustainability. Founded in 1916, Optica is the leading organization for scientists, engineers, business professionals, students and others interested in the science of light. Optica’s newest class of fellows will be honored at conferences and events throughout 2024.