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Undergraduate Program Admissions

4+1 Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/Master of Science Electrical & Computer Engineering

EV Lab

The department offers special 4 + 1 BEE/MSECE and 4 + 1 BCpE/MSECE programs for highly-qualified undergraduate students. The program allows the student to earn both the BEE/BCpE and the MSECE degree in five years of full-time study in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Delaware. Students must apply by May 1 of their junior year. GRE scores will be waived. For admissions to this program the following minimum criteria will be applied:

  • An undergraduate grade point average of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A minimum of two letters of strong support from former teachers at the University of Delaware.

The application and processing instructions can be found at the Graduate Office website. Choose either an area or undecided and once you start the application, click on the 4 + 1 program option.

Students admitted to the 4 + 1 BEE/MSECE or the 4 + 1 BCpE/MSECE programs are required to meet all the requirements listed for the MSECE degree and can choose either the thesis or the non-thesis option (the thesis option can take more than five years to complete.) Students are required to complete two of the courses acceptable for the MSECE degree during enrollment in the BEE/BCpE degree (600 level technical courses). These two courses can also be counted toward meeting the technical elective requirement of the BEE/BCpE degree.

**HELPFUL HINT**:  After choosing the two 6xx-level courses (as mentioned above) and you have room in your schedule for courses that do NOT apply to your Undergraduate degree program, consider dual-listed, 4xx/6xx, courses and take the course(s) as a 6xx-level. These courses may possibly count toward your Master's degree, with prior approval from the Office of Graduate and Professional Education.

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