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ECEs Hunsperger Publishes Sixth Edition

ECE Professor Robert G. Hunsperger has recently produced the sixth edition of his book, Integrated Optics: Theory and Technology. This book, published by Springer-Verlag, first appeared in April 1982. Over the years it has been regularly updated in new English editions and has been translated into Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian editions as well.

The book is a text intended for senior undergraduates and graduate students at the MS and PhD level, which has also been widely used as a reference manual by practicing engineers and scientists. In it, the author explains the subject of optoelectronic devices and their use in photonic integrated circuits and fiber-optic systems.

The first edition was written to explain “Integrated Optics”, which was the name given to a new generation of optoelectronic systems in which metal wires and cables were replaced by light-waveguiding glass or plastic optical fibers, and conventional integrated circuits were replaced by optical integrated circuits. In these systems the signal is carried by a waveguided beam of light rather than an electrical current.

The first edition sold out in its initial year of publication, which provided an early opportunity to publish an expanded second edition in 1983. That edition provided a new chapter with a review of the rapidly growing body of work in the field of integrated optics. A total of 370 new literature references were added.

Over the years, continuing new editions have updated the older chapters and included new chapters to cover the emerging topics of Polymer and Fiber Integrated Optics, Quantum Well Devices, Optical Amplifiers, Micro-Electro-Optical-Mechanical Devices (MEMs) and Nanophotonics. The names Integrated Optics and Optical Integrated Circuits (OICs) have evolved into the more modern terms Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), but the title of Dr. Hunsperger’s book has not been changed in order to maintain continuity.

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