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UD Seed
ECE Capstone Projects

Two ECE Capstone teams have created video's for UD Seed. Information for projects "Generate" and "TenniSense":

Project Generate:
Currently, the world is facing an energy crisis in developing countries where millions of people are living without basic lighting. The purpose of this project is to show that with various electrical engineering fundamentals we can create a user friendly renewable energy source for 3rd world countries.

Our entire group has individuals from developing countries, and as a result we have either experienced or seen first-hand what it’s like to not have power available at all time. Our project will be extremely useful especially for lighting homes during the night.

Understanding the energy situation in developing countries and developing this bicycle generator will give our group valuable experiences in analyzing a problem and designing a solution that meets the needs on the intended audience.

Project TenniSense:
For our senior design project, we are designing a system on a tennis racket that will monitor the location of where a tennis ball strikes on the racket strings. This information will be sent to a computer program that will display a visual of a tennis racket head and a spot on the racket strings where the ball hit for each stroke. Tennis Trainers can use this device to observe whether beginner or intermediate players are striking the ball at the optimal spot of their rackets and then to correct the players' racket swing behaviors accordingly.

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