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UDEL - Colombia Engineering Partnership

The University of Delaware is home to a vibrant cultural and academic collaboration with a consortia of top engineering programs across Colombia. A total of 15 Colombian universities participate in the program, broadening UD’s potential reach to more than 250,000 Colombian students and educators. The partnership is multifaceted ranging from the offering of joint master's degree programs, to summer research internships, to PhD training of Colombian faculty.

Professor Gonzalo R. Arce, together with Hernan Navarro, research associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development pioneered the UD-Colombian University partnership in 1997. Initially focused on Electrical and Computer Engineering, the collaboration is gradually expanding into other areas of engineering and into the Arts and Sciences College at UD.   

Colombia is investing heavily in graduate education, along with Brazil and Chile, by partnering with international universities.  Colombia will send more people overseas this year than in the 15 previous years put together.  To date, nearly 20 Colombian students have graduated with doctoral degrees in electrical and computer engineering at UD, and many more are on the pipeline.  

The UD-Colombian exchange program has been supported by the College of Engineering, the UD Institute for Global Studies through the Global Partnership Initiatives Program, and the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. In Colombia, the program is endorsed by the Minister of Education, Colciencias, Icetex, Colfuturo, the Fulbright Program, as well as by the Colombian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

UD leadership instrumental in advancing the UD-Colombian exchange program include Lesa Griffith, associate provost for international programs and director of the Institute for Global Studies; Professors Arce and Navarro, mentioned above; and Sylvan Cloutier,Assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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