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Nuha Ahmed, University Graduate Scholars Award

Luisa Polania, University Graduate Fellow Award

Xin Ma, University Dissertations Fellow Award

Three ECE Students Receive University Graduate Awards

The Office of Graduate and Professional Education has recognized three ECE Graduate Students for academic year 2013-2014.

Nuha Ahmed, a part time Ph.D. graduate student, under the direction of Steven Hegedus in the Institute of Energy Conversion, has received the Graduate Scholars Award for the second year in a row. Ms. Ahmed's interests are Efficient Solar Cells, Nanophotonics, Nanoelectronics Device Fabrication, and Optical-Electronic Devices.

Luisa Polania, a Ph.D. graduate student under the direction of Chair and Professor Kenneth E. Barner, has received the University Graduate Fellow Award. Ms. Polania’s interests are in compressed sensing and sparse approximation, biomedical signal processing, signal and image processing, and harmonic analysis.

Xin Ma, a Ph.D. graduate student under the direction of Assistant Professor Sylvain Cloutier, has received the University Dissertations Fellow Award. Ms. Ma's research focuses on the development of ultra-low-cost light-emitting devices (LEDs) based on novel solution processed conjugated polymer and semiconductor nanomaterials.

The Dissertation Fellows award is established by the Office of the Provost to enable and support Ph.D. students to devote full attention to the completion of their doctoral dissertation. The fellowships and scholarships are given in recognition of the students prior academic achievements as well as the potential for future success in their respective fields of study.

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