University of Delaware - College of Engineering

The Nanofabrication Facility at The University of Delaware

Facility Access

Our facility has supported the research of major corporations, and faculty from the University of Delaware and other academic institutions.

ECE Department Requirements For Clean Room Access

In order to gain access to the clean room, the following safety seminars must be completed:

Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Waste Management
HydroFluoric Acid (HF)
Compressed Gases
Laboratory Ventilation (Fume Hoods)

Safety seminars in Corrosive Materials, Highly Toxic Materials, Lasers, X-Ray, Radioactive Materials, and Liquid Nitrogen may also be required.

The Department of Occupational Health & Safety (DOHS) has an Educational Seminars Web site which lists upcoming seminars:

Additionally, users must complete a Clean Room Seminar and comply with the ECE Department Clean Room Policy.  Please contact the Clean Room Manager for details.

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