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Photonics & Electromagnetics

Integration of Optoelectronics and Optical Networks in Advanced Fiberglass/Resin Composites

Keith Goossen

Advanced fiberglass/resin composite structural materials can reduce the weight of vehicles by over half, and thus decrease our gasoline and diesel consumption correspondingly, while maintaining the same structural integrity. Because of their low process temperature, they also offer the opportunity of embedding communication and sensor networks, particularly fiber optic based. While this has been well researched, the methods of interfacing with this embedded network usually rely upon fragile physical connectors protruding from the composite. Here, we are investigating the use of free space optical-to-embedded optical fiber transponders to allow communication into the composite without physical connection. These transponders can be straightforward centimeter-sized optoelectronic transceiver circuits, or nano-particle photon converters, spanning the range from the very applied to very basic research.

Recent publications

M. Teitelbaum, S. Yarlagadda, D.J. O'Brien, E.D. Wetzel and K.W. Goossen, "Embedded Optical Networks in Composite Material with Free-Space Optical Links," Proceedings of the 2005 SAMPE ISTC Annual Meeting.

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