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Driver and receiver circuits for Optical Fuzing and Scene Generation

Fouad Kiamilev

Department of Defense has a large number of advanced development programs and we actively participate in two such programs – optical fuzing for smart munitions and scene generation for hardware-in-the-loop simulator systems. Our research group is working with U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Centers (ARDEC) and with Army Research Laboratories on these projects. Our role in these projects has been to design custom integrated circuits and supporting electronics that perform specific functions required by these U.S. Army systems. Due to ARDEC/ARL information distribution restrictions, this is all the detail we can publicly disclose about this work.

Recent publications

J. Kramer and F. Kiamilev, "University of Delaware Trusted Foundry ASICs," presented at the DARPA Foundry Circuit Designers Meeting, August 2-3, 2006 in Burlington, VT.

J. Kramer and F. Kiamilev, "C2OI Update," presented at the DARPA C2OI PI Meeting, August 1, 2006 in Arlington, VA.

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