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Xiao Fang, Associate Professor

Research Interests

Phone: 302-831-3290


Dr. Fang’s research lies in the area of Business Analytics, with supporting methods and theories drawn from reference disciplines including Management Science (e.g., optimization) and Computer Science (e.g., data mining and machine learning). Broadly speaking, he is interested in developing theories, models, and algorithms for discovering knowledge from vast amount of data accumulated in organizations, for applying these discovered knowledge to support organizational decision making, and for managing these discovered knowledge. Specifically, his research consists of the following research streams:

  1. His work on social network analytics studies the diffusion of adoption behavior in social networks and develops novel and effective models and algorithms that mine massive social network data for business purposes.
  2. His work on big data analytics investigates two fundamental challenges for big data analytics: velocity and incompleteness.
  3. His work on Web analytics proposes methods and techniques for evaluating and optimizing Web site design and for managing contents on the Web.

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