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Adjunct Professor Sylvain G. Cloutier

Research Interests

Prof. Cloutier' general research interests focus on using light-matter interactions to study nano-scaled materials (carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanodots & nanowires, metallic nanoparticles, and others) as well as biological systems.

More specifically, he is studying the control and alteration of the fundamental properties of optical materials through nano-scale engineering. His work on the novel optical properties of metallic nanoparticle and semiconductor nanodot & nanowire arrays has shown how altering materials at the nanoscale provides a unique way of control over their macroscopic properties.

In addition, he also uses nano- and bio-materials in the development of novel hybrid functionalized optical materials and photonic devices. He is also expanding his work to bio-photonics and photo-biology by using light to probe, manipulate and characterize cells and their constituents and nano-materials to enhance and provide further control over light-matter interactions in such biological systems.

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