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Swapan Chakrabarti, Adjunct Professor

Research Interests

Phone: 302-831-2405

Swapan Chakrabarti has more than 29 years of teaching experience at the Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Computer Science departments. He has received several awards for teaching. Over the past three decades, his research activities spanned over a broad range of topics and that includes electromagnetic scattering from rough surfaces, signal processing for time and frequency domains, and applications of neural networks and fuzzy logic (NNFL) to pattern classification problems. He has successfully applied NNFL for radar target classification, speech classification, and identification of potent anticancer drug molecules from a large library of chemical compounds. The predicted anticancer compounds were tested by a Pharmaceutical Company (Pfizer, Inc.) with 80% success rate. From 2010 to 2013 he has worked at the NSF Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) located at the University of Kansas. At CReSIS, he was involved in processing airborne FMCW radar returns from Polar Ice to accurately estimate ice thickness. In recent years, he has been involved in designing low-cost True 3D information display systems. Since nature presents information in three dimensions, and many physical experimentations, ranging from biomedical imaging to astronomical data, also produce 3D data with very high dynamic range (HDR) of intensities, his goal is to project 3D information over a volume with HDR of intensities. Thus, the viewers will not be required to wear any specially designed eye glasses to visualize 3D information. He has received three US Patents for this work. The ultimate goal here is to contribute toward revolutionizing the way we view 3D information from scientific visualization (medical imaging) to entertainment (video gaming). He is also exploring the possibility of using NNFL-based algorithms to some aspects of Cybersecurity tasks.

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