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Engineering Alumni Professor Dennis Prather

Silicon Photonics

During the past several years silicon photonics has risen to a prominent field due its ability to leverage the electronic manufacturing infrastructure. To this end, our research focuses on developing devices for ultra-high frequency RF signal generation, modulation and distribution within a silicon material platform.

We have developed heterogeneous silicon-based lasers using a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) material platform. These devices utilize a laser cavity realized in silicon and have been designed with a frequency selective grating patterned with Fixed-Beam-Moving-Stage (FBMS) electron beam lithography.

Our work in high-frequency modulators has leveraged slot waveguide architectures to enhance the confinement and overlay between the optical and RF signals within a silicon device. This work uses an organic electro-optic material for low modulation voltages at RF frequencies exceeding 250 GHz.

In addition, we have focused on high-speed signal distribution using tunable photonics crystals to build an optical switch matrix. In this device, a wavelength selective directional coupler is fabricated with lateral integrated PIN diodes to switch the coupling state with less that 20ns via free-carrier injection. The single switch elements have then been placed in a matrix to form the backbone of an optical cross-connect system.

Related Publications:

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