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  • Check in Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS)

Location: 413 Academy Street.

What to bring: Your Passport with the I-94 form (White paper that you received from an immigration officer when you entered the US), your DS-2019 form and proof of the required medical insurance.  Make sure you have the information about the place you are living in.

  • Go to see your advisor



Computer and Information Sciences

Michela Tauffer

Smith Hall 406

James Clause

Smith Hall 439

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Schumacher

DuPont Hall 360G

Erik Thostenson

Spencer Lab 223

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Guang Gao

Evans Hall 201F

Chengmo Yang

Evans Hall 201C

Hui Fang

Evans Hall 316

Javier Garcia-Frias

Evans Hall 307

Keith Goosen

Evans Hall 202

Gonzalo Arce

Evans Hall 312

Kenneth Barner

Evans Hall 141

Mechanical Engineering

Herbert Tanner

Spencer Lab 110

  • Go to Debbie Whitesel’s office

Location: 142 Evans Hall.

Everybody should go and fill out a form that is required to process your payment. Also, she needs to put a request to Students services in order to obtain your UD ID card.

People of Computer Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and PSOE should also go to your department afterwards.

  • Ask for ID Card*

After receiving an E-mail of confirmation for the ID request, you should go to Students Services Building.

What to bring: Your Passport and DS-2019.

Once you have your ID card, you should go to 136 Evans Hall to get it activated.

  • Ask for lab keys*

For students of ECE: Go to Evans 201E with Lydia Pagnotti.

For students of other departments, ask the person in charge.

You need to know the number of the lab in which you are going to work.

  • Computer Account

For ECE and CIS students, you should go to and in the left menu, look for the option: “Apply for account”.

  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Since you are going to be paid by the university, you will need a Social Security Number (SSN). This document is issued by the Social Security Administration which is located in New Castle, DE.

The university will schedule a date to go to SSA.

  • Open a bank account

There are several Bank options in Newark, due to the proximity to the university, we suggest that you open your account in Citizens Bank.

Location: 117 East Main Street.

What to bring: Your passport, information about the place you are living in, and some money to open the account.

  • Buying a cellphone

There are several carrier options: T-mobile, At&t, Metro-PCS. You can choose between them but we suggest that you buy a Prepaid (No contract) plan. There are rates from $30/month.

Store Locations:

    • T-mobile:  50 East Main Street
    • At&t: 172 East Main Street
    • MetroPCS: 602 Newark Shopping Center
    • Walgreens: 124 East Main Street

*You have to return the key and ID card before leaving the country when the program has finished. Otherwise a fee will be charged.

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