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Two ECE Students Receive University Graduate Awards

The Office of Graduate and Professional Education has recognized two ECE Graduate Students for academic year 2015-2016.

Chen Liu, a Ph.D. graduate student under the direction of Assistant Professor Chengmo Yang, has received the University Graduate Fellow Award. Liu’s research goal is to develop countermeasures against cyber-attacks, especially those targeting embedded systems. His research is in an area that can have a significant impact on future cybersecurity technologies and may contribute to a safer digital world.

Yue Wang, a Ph.D. graduate student under the direction of Assistant Professor Hui Fang, has received the University Dissertation Fellow Award. Wang’s research work is focused on domain-specific information retrieval, with an emphasis on using domain knowledge to improve retrieval performance. He is currently focused on two projects in the clinical decision support area and in the mobile app retrieval and review mining fields. It is likely that Wang’s research will lead to paradigm shifts in the domain-specific information retrieval field.

The University Graduate Fellow Award is given in recognition of a student’s academic achievement since being admitted to the doctoral program as well as evidence of professional commitment and potential contribution in their field of study. The Dissertation Fellow award is established by the Office of the Provost to enable and support Ph.D. students to devote full attention to the completion of their doctoral dissertation.

Chen Liu

Chen Liu
Univ. Graduate Fellow Award

Yue Wang

Yue Wang
Univ. Dissertation Fellow Award

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