James Miller
PPL Corporation

ECE 2009 - 2010
Distinguished Lecturer Series



"US Utility Sector - Turmoil and Transition"

Distinguished Lecturer Series


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James Miller
PPL Corporation
3 :00 PM
006 Kirkbride Hall



ABSTRACT: The U.S. utility sector is in the midst of the most significant period of change since the days of Thomas Edison. In about half of the U.S. states, there has been a fundamental change in the regulatory structure. Concerns about climate change have discouraged construction of new generating facilities. A so-called nuclear renaissance remains hypothetical. The near-collapse of the U.S. financial system has severely restricted available capital. Still, the U.S. lacks a cogent energy policy. The chairman of one of the nation’s largest electricity companies will discuss the challenge of exceeding customer expectations and growing value for shareowners when the fundamental underpinnings of the business are in a state of flux.

BIO: James Miller, chairman, president and chief executive officer of PPL Corporation, has more than 35 years of experience in the electricity industry. Before joining PPL, Miller was executive VP of USEC Inc. in Bethesda, MD, an international supplier of enriched uranium to nuclear utilities. Previously, he was president of ABB Environmental Systems, which supplied air pollution control equipment for the power industry, and ABB Resource Recovery Systems, which specialized in the design, construction and operation of waste-to-energy plants. He also served as president of the former UC Operating Services, an unregulated subsidiary of Constellation Energy and Louisville Gas and Electric Co. He began his career in the electricity industry at the former Delmarva Power & Light Co., where he held various engineering and management positions. Mr. Miller is a member of the boards of directors of several energy-related and community organizations. In addition, he is on the leadership team for Education 2010, which is dedicated to improving education in Allentown, PA. A native of Wilmington, DE, Miller received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Delaware.


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