ECE 125 Anniversary Recap | Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering | University of Delaware

At ECE 125th Anniversary, Experts Discuss the Field’s Past, Present, and Future

July 25, 2017 - The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department hosted their 125th Anniversary celebration in May with a weekend agenda of compelling SPARC (Society Provoking Arresting Research Conversations) sessions and ECEx talks featuring world-class researchers and business leaders, including many UD students, faculty and alumni. Click below to see what we learned.

SPARC Session #1: UD History of the Start-up of Fingerworks hosted by Ralph Begleiter

Panelist: Jeff White, CEO, Fingerworks

SPARC Session #2: Women in Engineering hosted by Nancy Karibjanian

Panelists: Karen Bloch, Engineering Manager, DuPont Company (BSAS ’85, MEE ’97, PhD ’04), Janine Barbacane, Chair, ECE Advisory Council & Account Executive, Oracle (BEE ’01), Nicole Wells, Apple, Inc. (BEE ’13), Sarah Jensen (BEE ’17)

SPARC Session #3: The Cain Family – An ECE Retrospective – The Future of Technology & Education hosted by Nancy Karibjanian

Panelists: Donald Cain, Jr. (BEE ’68), Bradley Cain – Senior Architect, F5 Networks (BEE ’95, MEE ’97)

ECEx Talk #1 | VIP: The One Credit Revolution – Andy Novocin, Assistant Professor, ECE Department & Director VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects) at UD

ECEx Talk #2 | VIP: Vehicle to Grid Project – Fouad Kiamilev, Professor, ECE Department and CVORG Lab Leader

ECEx Talk #3 | The Future of Technology – The Color and Size of Information – Gonzalo Arce, Charles Black Evans Professor

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