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Vehicle Rental


Motor Pool

If needed for University related business travel, you may rent a car from the University of Delaware Motor Pool. Complete the UD Web Form "Request for Service - Motor Pool" to request a vehicle. You will need a project/purpose code to complete the form.  This form will need to be completed and approved before you may pick up your vehicle from the Motor Pool.  The expenditure will not be printed on your purchasing card blank statement because it is an internal charge.  If you have questions regarding this procedure, please contact Transportation Services (831-1187).

Commercial Rental Cars

If you rent a car from a commercial vendor, this is a reimbursable expense.  You cannot charge this to the UD purchasing card.  When renting a car from a commercial rental agency, do NOT purchase the Collision Damage Waiver.  The University of Delaware’s whereby you are required to provide proof of insurance, simply indicate that you are traveling on University business, and you are covered under their policy.  You may be required to show them your University of Delaware I.D. as proof of your affiliation.  The University Travel Office has more information on Rental Cars and possible discounts.

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